Our Strategy and Key Drivers

By December 2022, the industry will have a comprehensive Transformation Strategy beyond the Ownership Element supported by a set of high-level principles and policies that seek toaddress the remaining 4 elements on the BBBEE scorecard and these will be evaluated against the following policy objectives:

Substantial increase in the number of black people in our senior management teams across the industry;

Enhanced preferential treatment towards black enterprises and black-empowered enterprises in our procurement processes;

Increased acquisition of skills, accelerated preference for black persons to access training and acquire new skills for their development;

Increased income levels of black persons and a reduction of income inequalities among race groups and prioritise black persons in employment opportunities available across the industry;

Increasing proportion of the ownership and management of economic activities vested in the community, broad-based enterprises and cooperatives;

Increased participation in productive economic activities in under-developed areas in order to uplift the socio-economic conditions of our communities.

Strategic Areas of Intervention

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