Infrastructure Programme

The following interventions are already in preparation to assist the ISP from HDI environments:

Container support for informal ISPs in townships

Provide containers and ideally do not relocate businesses. Support with Basic Equipment like toolboxes etc. Provide access to basic services, water, electricity

Support existing HDI owned Workshops

Upgrade existing facilities and ensure availability of services like water, electricity and WIFI, support with critical equipment like Hydraulic lifts, compressors and furniture.

Universal Access Facility

Pilot a universal access plant, that will allow 20 survivalist to micro enterprises share operational space and achieve efficiencies. The universal hub will bring together the entire After market value chain from component suppliers, to ISPs and Body repairers

Aftermarket Driven Infrastructure Programme

naamsa has established a database of ISPs to drive information sharing and management. The database foundational to supporting Aftermarket development for the sector. The first phase of the process has resulted in a database of 30 thousands of service providers who will be segregated to facilitate interventions.


The registry RFI interphase is available on the naamsa website currently


Data verification is to follow, to also allow POPIA compliance

Registry Segregation

Interventions on the registry will be driven by the level at which individual ISP are oriented as per below graphic representation. Survivalist interventions to Value adding enterprise intervention.

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