The Business Oasis Group (TBO) works closely with Africa’s inward domestic investment decision makers as well as key international Institutional Investors actively investing in emerging and frontier markets. We design client-specific strategies that help our clients achieve their business development, communications, investor relations, public relations and investment objectives.


The Business Oasis Group (TBO) has firmly established itself as Africa’s most respected investment, communications and investor relations partner facilitating investment opportunities for African listed equities. It is regarded as a leading platform for international investors and African listed companies seeking to reach and engage long-term investment partners. We support our clients with Corporate level, Business unit level and Functional level strategies.


The Business Oasis Group (TBO) provides project and brand strategy, planning, management and execution for businesses by providing a full suite of public relations and media strategy support.   We believe that public relations is so much more than communicating on behalf of corporations, institutions and other organisations, for us public relations is about the management of communication between an organisation and its publics.


We take responsibility for the planning of the details of what, how and why your organisation should communicate with strategic publics by employing a variety of communication tactics which include media releases, social media accounts, media events, backgrounders, fact sheets, flyers, pamphlets, annual reports, newsletters, and other materials.


Our research shows that in today’s increasingly complex and competitive investment promotion world, businesses require sustained and strategic multiplatform approaches that can catalyse investors’ interest and the media at large. The Business Oasis Group helps its clients with formulating strong corporate communication strategies aimed at ensuring the most current, concise information is always available and being conveyed to both internal and external stakeholders.


“Consumers are taking an active role in determining, shaping, and redefining brands independent of company involvement. Winning companies and brands are learning to engage and co-create with these customers rather than shouting over or ignoring the noise of the marketplace.” Don Tapscott, Author of Wikibrands

We take your idea, jumpstart it with a strategic event and continue the marketing. We build your brand to brand activation through to the last mile. We help clients build awareness by engaging directly with target audiences and customers through different types of events and marketing support.


Together with our partners, we provide superior investor relations and thereby giving companies the competitive advantage that can lead to a sustainably higher market valuation by developing and delivering shareholder value, maximising and proving award-winning Investor Relations strategies. When faced with crisis, we assist our clients with formulating a response team aimed at addressing the challenge at hand and the potential impact on the client’s firm.  We provide pre-crisis; crisis response and post-crisis support to our clients.


The Business Oasis Group works with its clients to formulate training programs aimed at addressing the skills gap and ensure Africans become business and political leaders, entrepreneurs and educators, increasing local capacity and competitiveness and strengthening the foundation for African development.


This initiative aims to pursue an agenda to address Africa’s readiness skills development deficit [through ad hoc education and training programmes/initiatives]. This initiative aims to bridge the divide between education and the world of work as to ensure workforce ready skills, and the creation of business owners and entrepreneurs in Africa. Africa has a need for capacity building and advocacy on policies that improve skills development, engage key stakeholders and encourage domestic and foreign investors to increase industrial development and competitiveness.


  • Investor Relations for private/pre-IPO companies
  • Messaging for the international investment community
  • Organisation of Investor Relations departments
  • Design and implementation of Investor Relations strategies
  • Crisis communications and management
  • Investor Relations websites
  • Free float strategy and institutional targeting
  • Roadshow and IR event organisation
  • Perception studies
  • Investor Relations outsourcing services
  • Debt Investor Relations